Download Brochure  Multipoint SMS Alert Controller
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  Multipoint SMS Controller [GSMS-THR-HV] sends alarm SMS to mobile phone or control centre when:
   1] temperature or humidity is over or lower than the user preset values
   2] alarm inputs of detecting sensors (e.g. water leakage sensor, smoke detector) are triggered
   3] users request status report by sending SMS command manually

  Reactive actions:
   1] sending SMS to mobile phone numbers alerting users & control centre phone numbers
   2] phone dialing for voice monitoring
   3] 4 relay outputs can be activated for other necessary operations (e.g. siren, shut off machine, turn on fan ventilation)

   1] support max. 8 temperature sensors, 7 humidity sensors, 8 alarm inputs
   2] tracking temperature and humidity levels
   3] AC power loss alert
   3] powered by internal rechargeable battery
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