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 What builds up the system?

 * GSM Modem
 * SMS Management Software
 * Windows based PC

 - Sends SMS to configure SMS Alarm Messengers
 - Receives SMS from SMS Alarm Messengers
 - Display the received alarm SMS in PC
 - Keep records of alarm SMS
 - Maintain the database of hundreds SMS Alarm Messengers
 SMS Alarm Management System

 [Remote Setup]
 1. It allows user sending SMS from PC.
 2. It provides the remote configuration of SMS Alarm Messenger
     by sending SMS command via the GSM Modem.

 [Control Centre]
 3. It can be setup as a control centre receiving the alarm SMS.
 4. It keeps the historical records of alarm SMS from hundreds of
     SMS Alarm Messengers.

 [SMS Server]
 5. It can manage the configuration, record, database and live
      status for more than hundreds of SMS Alarm Messengers.
 6. It allows the export of information for other applications.

 How does the SMS Management System work?
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