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Touch Screen Linux DVR


# H.264 hardware video encoding
 # Embedded Linux OS platform
 # 4 or 8-Channel Audio Video Recording System

 > Small Size [19 x 19 x 8 cm]
 > 12VDC 6A Operated
 > Optional Vehicle Ignition Power Supply
 > Low power and noise operation


 * Touch Screen Operation
 * Built-in Touch Screen Linux Driver
 * Live Video, Playback, Configuration and Backup can be
    controlled by touch screen

 Touch Screen VGA
 - 8" / 10.4" / 15" / 17" VGA Monitor
 - support 1024 x 768 resolution
 - crystal clear display and precise pointing movement

 Linux DVR [Mascot III]

 * 4/8-Channel Linux DVR
 * Synchronized audio video recording
 * 4CIF (704x576) @25fps per channel
 * PAL 25fps / NSTC 30fps per channel
 * USB port video backup
 * Remote video web browsing
 * VGA Output

 [Free Software Support]
 Web Video Support
 Mascot DVMS, Health Check and Remote Client applications 

 [Easy evidence video backup]
 USB port / DVD-R video files backup
 Support hot plug USB thumb disk or hard disk
 Enhanced Daily Backup Features
 Who needs Touch Screen Linux DVR?
 * Car DVR
 * Application-oriented Kiosk
 * Wall Mounted, counter top or free standing design
 * No keyboard and No mouse
 * 12VDC powered

 > Non-stop Recording
 > Zero Cost in Maintenance
 > Zero Cost in OS license
 > Zero Cost in Anti-Virus/Firewall

 [Embedded on-chip OS]
 No system files damage, No system hang
 Hot reboot or reset, Non-stop operation

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